news august 2014

Hello out there. Welcome to my newly-designed website (thank you to super groovy Janelle Reichman for her expertise and considerable patience, and to dearly divine Amy Cervini for her valuable organizational skills as well). Please visit often as things will continue to evolve, and new information and updates will be added regularly (he says optimistically).

Happy summer to you and yours. As I write this I’m in Slovenia with New York Voices, in the middle of a ten day Europe tour before flying back to the States and having the sixth annual New York Voices vocal jazz camp in Ohio. There’s a lot going on as always – this past Fall I left New York City, the town I love to hate to love and the place I called home for the last twenty years (and the place that kicked my butt personally and musically like no other), for charming and chilly New England (Boston and New Hampshire specifically). I am now teaching at Berklee College of Music (after many formative years leading the jazz voice department at the Manhattan School of Music), which I am thoroughly enjoying thus far.

Other news includes finishing my first musical with the brilliant Cheri Coons called ‘The Kiss’, which had it’s first reading in Chicago this past June. I am genuinely excited that this puppy might just have a life in the theatre (a boy can dream can’t he?). We’re in the midst of finding more opportunities for readings and workshops as the piece goes through its final writing stages, but I’d like to think we have a really beautiful and compelling musical on our hands. I’ll let you know when it happens again.

I’m also currently recording a new solo project I am thrilled about – some significant contributions by some of my favorite musicians (Ben Wittman, Matt Aronoff, Becca Stevens, Marc Shulman, etc etc) with more to follow. We’re aiming for an early 2015 release. I’m just jumping up and down at how the project is feeling and sounding so far – stay tuned for more on that as well.

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Thanks very much – Peter