1. Precious Time

From the recording MY MUSEUM

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12. Precious Time - okay, does this sound like the early 90’s or what? The dead of winter in 1993, lots and lots of snow in NYC. Ben new to the city, in an illegal sublet on 6th ave and 28th street in Manhattan. A big open spaced artist’s loft with lots of glass art everywhere. One of the very first tunes Ben Wittman and I worked on together. The song feels somewhat epic to me now, all sequenced instruments and layered production elements. I think I was listening to a lot of artful rock bands like Squeeze and XTC at the time, and if you haven’t already come up with this conclusion if you know my songs at all, I’ve always had a preoccupation with the concept of time and more specifically, the passing of time. Lauren, being one of my favorite singers, background or otherwise, once again adds her special touch to the track.