1. Saving Grace

From the recording MY MUSEUM

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15. Saving Grace – a song later represented on my first ‘real’ release ‘Fool No More’ on Rosebud Music (thank you Jean Lignel), “Saving Grace’ was written for my amazing god daughter Lauren Murphy. This is the original demo version (which was recorded on ADAT, anybody remember those god-forsaken things?), but a lot of elements remained for the latter album version. It features one of my favorite musicians, Marc Shulman, on guitars. Over the course of many years Ben and I always had Marc come in and add his special soulful touch to my tunes, right up his contributions on ‘Driving to Town Late to Mail a Letter off of ‘Disappearing Day’ in 2016. It’s always a serious thrill to watch Marc set up his ‘laboratory’ of effects and gear, and then proceed to get in the zone – so much magic would happen. This also features Zev Katz on bass, John Herrington on mandolin and Lauren Kinhan on backgrounds.