1. Room For Two

From the recording MY MUSEUM

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20. Room for Two – to me this song is all about Ben’s drum loop, and the group vocals sung by Darmon Meader, Kim Nazarian and me. When I wrote the song, I was also pretty excited about the somewhat surprising, evolving chord changes and how they effected the melodic line – I kind of think of this as my first ‘pop’ tune (though it’s not really a pop tune). New York Voices added this one to our concert/club repertoire for a brief minute or two back in the day, with mixed results (it didn’t quite fit alongside ‘Giant Steps’ and ‘Lady Be Good’). And I don’t really know who I was channeling in terms of the lead vocal. Ben remembers meeting Darmon and Kim for the first time during this session, and being blown away at how quick they were at singing parts together and delivering killer vocals.