photo and CD art thanks to Theo Bleckmann

photo and CD art thanks to Theo Bleckmann

Peter's new digital CD release -  21 tracks

Hello out there
-despite the world’s utter insanity at the present time, I am trying to put a little positivity into the air by (finally) releasing a collection of original tunes entitled ‘MY MUSEUM’.
Why that title you ask?
The project consists of lots of never-officially-released material,
B sides, some ‘live’ performances, and original demos from some thirty years of writing and recording songs (‘My Museum’ is also a rather funky mini-autobiographical tongue in cheek exercise I wrote forever ago). Songs I’ve loved but never found the right ‘home’.
The project is a bit of a wild ride, covering vastly different genres and styles, from sweet singer/songwriter-ish odes to acoustic jazz with a capital J, to artful 90’s pop, to some fun funkier/bluesier fare.

Besides strolling down memory lane, it is my hope that other people might want to do their own version of any of the songs contained in ‘My Museum’. There is indeed nothing better than somebody ELSE singing a tune I wrote. In fact, in the weeks to come there might even be a ‘contest’ to see who might do the best Eldridge cover, so please stay tuned for that (but make your choices now - !).

‘Historical’ descriptions and musician credits of the songs on the MY MUSEUM page. Big thanks to the gods and goddesses who played and sang on these tracks over the years, to my dear musical brother Theo Bleckmann for not only designing the cover but taking the actual photo (way back when), to Margie Farmer for being Margie Farmer, and most of all to Ben Wittman for having such a huge impact on the vibe and production of most of this music
(and all my other albums as well!) for about thirty years now
(how terribly strange to say that). I hope this new/old assemblage of Eldridge tunes gets under your skin and into your voices in the best sense.
Thanks for listening . . . hang in there good people.  P E


Please click here to learn more..

Please click here to learn more..

Peter Eldridge is a Master.   
A masterful singer and musician, a masterful arranger, a masterful creator and composer, a masterful lyricist, a masterful teacher and nevertheless a masterful human being. In his online class Peter shared his wisdom with great generosity. It was very inspiring, great fun (what more can you ask for?) and I can highly recommend working with Peter! Go catch him! 

                                                                                   -Marc Secara 

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Vocal Release  #3   New York Voices   Reminiscing in Tempo


Happy Holidays 

Hello out there - I am just checking in, hoping you and (at least some of) yours make the best of a very strange time and are able to celebrate the season in a sweet and safe manner. Still a lot to be grateful for. And here's hoping we're all embracing like fools and raising many a glass of gratitude TOGETHER next year. Happy holidays one and all, from our house to yours.  


  Mele a Hakuwale

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