It wouldn't necessarily be inaccurate to refer to Peter Eldridge as a "singer-songwriter," but that tag definitely does not fit him. Such a label just undercuts the creative brilliance behind his music, diminishing the beauty, truth, strength, wit, and compassion in his work. The man is far more than a simple spinner of songs. His is the true voice of understanding, speaking on its own terms while also capturing and expressing the emotions that we all feel. If ever there was a singular artist capable of showing us the singularity in ourselves, it's Peter Eldridge.                                                                                                          ~ ALL ABOUT JAZZ


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Eldridge invests in his songs with remarkable poetry, beauty,
charm and depth to spare.
 - David Pulizzi, Jazziz

Peter Eldridge is a Master.   A masterful singer and musician, a masterful arranger, a masterful creator and composer, a masterful lyricist, a masterful teacher and nevertheless a masterful human being. In his online class Peter shared his wisdom with great generosity. It was very inspiring, great fun (what more can you ask for?) and I can highly recommend working with Peter! Go catch him!    
                                                                                   -Marc Secara 

A superb musical alchemist, Peter Eldridge synthesizes modern jazz with not only pop but also R&B and Latin music. The results are varied and dynamic but also aesthetically focused, as Eldridge's mellifluous baritone and urbane lyrics brim with pop accessibility.
                                                                                  - John Murph, JazzTimes 

Peter Eldridge belongs in the celebrated tradition of melodic poets, most famously represented by such disparate voices as Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Steely Dan -- singer/songwriters who write catchy, beautiful tunes with insightful lyrics that are both personal and universal.
                                                                       - Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide