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... filled with passionate melodies, strong arrangements, and sympathetic musicianship. This is music that speaks to the heart, sings of love that goes beyond a person to a world of daily discovery, of hope, and understanding in times of despair. Peter Eldridge and Kenny Werner have made a recording which soothes the soul and stirs the imagination.    
~Richard Kamins                   intimate and sophisticated session of ballads that capitalizes on Eldridge’s warm baritone and Werner’s piano virtuosity.
                                     —Pierre Giroux


Pianist Kenny Werner has been plunging into deep waters on his latest few albums. This time around, he teams up with gentle toned vocalist Peter Eldridge in a mixture of originals and standards, teamed with luscious and dreamy atmospheres.... Eldridge and Werner went for deep purple hues on this one, and it works wondrously.  ~ George W. Harris

Peter Eldridge Group / Foolish Hearts Duo / Foolish Hearts Trio
His is the true voice of understanding. ~All About Jazz

Peter performs and records in a variety of settings, either with a quartet under his name (featuring guitar, bass, drums and Peter on piano and vocals) or with a relatively new band called Foolish Hearts, which can perform in either a duo or trio setting. Foolish Hearts features Peter alongside two of his favorite musicians – Matt Aronoff on bass and Ben Wittman on half percussion/half drum-set combination. Matt and Peter are the duo, Ben joins in for trio settings. The group features a lot of Peter’s evocative original music, as well as inspired arrangements of well-known and not-so-well-known pop and jazz repertoire by composers ranging from Rogers & Hart and Luciana Souza to Paul McCartney and the Magnetic Fields.
They were absolutely amazing — a master class in musicianship at the highest level, paired with an incredibly emotional connection with the crowd.   The Jazz Advocate