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New Definition EP

Foolish Hearts, 2012

Foolish Hearts is a relatively new duo featuring vocalist/pianist/composer Peter Eldridge (New York Voices, MOSS) and upright bassist/composer Matt Aronoff.
Having joined forces a few years ago, Foolish Hearts presents its own originals and arrangements of favorite jazz and pop tunes with an organic sensibility combining voices, piano, bass and percussion. The duo has toured the west coast and Europe, and performs regularly in NYC. ‘New Definition’ is the duo’s first recording project, a combo platter of genres from jazz to artistic singer/songwriter fare.

Price: $10.00 

Disappearing Day CD

Sunnyside Records, 2016 

On his fifth and most diverse studio album, Peter Eldridge merges styles ranging from jazz to alternative to country. “Disappearing Day" showcases Peter’s inexhaustible musical fluency. This album premiers seven original tunes written or co-written by Eldridge and five re-arrangements of songs from some of his favorite artists, including Paul McCartney, Leonard Bernstein, Luciana Souza, and the Magnetic Fields. “Disappearing Day” draws listeners into Peter’s artistic sphere through a variety of musical settings and textures.

Price: $15.00

Mad Heaven CD

Palmetto Records, 2011

The Latin-inspired Mad Heaven, Peter’s first venture on Palmetto Records, lives up to all the kudos he’s received in the past. One might described it as sophisticated pop meets Brazil with arrangements reminiscent of Becker and Fagan.

Price: $15.00

Decorum CD

Peter Eldridge, 2005

Singer/songwriter Peter Eldridge's second album featuring original music that is brilliant combination of pop and jazz.

Price: $15.00

Stranger in Town CD

Rosebud Records, 2001 

Vocalist Peter Eldridge, of New York Voices, solo CD of swinging jazz ballads.

Price: $15.00

Fool No More CD

Rosebud Records, 2001 

"Peter Eldridge belongs in the celebrated tradition of melodic poets, most famously represented by such disparate voices as Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Van Morrison."

Price: $15.00