early summer 2019

Hello out there – 

As usual, life is a bit of a wild ride and I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way. Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with a few especially talented folks on various projects and would love to update you on all the madness. 

One ongoing project I have been working on is an album of beautiful ballads set for voice and full string orchestra – titled “Somewhere” – with arrangements by the inimitable Kenny Werner (this is a project Kenny and I have been talking about doing for about a decade) and a few of our favorite musical partners in crime joined in for the festivities – wonderful Eugene Friesen conducted the orchestra and played cello, my musical brother Matt Aronoff on bass, tasteful Yoron Israel on drums, as well as people like George Garzone dropping by to add an incredible sax solo here and there. Kenny has truly outdone himself orchestrating these songs (his string writing is just incredible). Some tunes by me, some by Kenny, and a few well-known classics. The official release date (on Rosebud Records) will be available on this page so keep an eye out for that . . . aiming for July 2019. 

In addition to the Kenny and strings project, I will also be releasing a project called ‘My Museum’ – a collection of previously unreleased songs of mine, spanning a mere twenty years or so. It’s hopefully more than just a trip down memory lane – I’m hoping people might be inspired to cover some of these tunes, from jazz to pop to soul (something for everybody). Stay tuned for more on that . . . I suspect a release before the end of OCT 2019.

After many years of writing and revising and more writing and editing and yes, more writing and revising again (and a respectable amount of blood, sweat and tears shed along the way), “The Woman In Question”, a musical written by Cheri Coons and me has been performed on stage and will make its NYC debut  soon....???  We’re in negotiations to find the right space to do an NYC reading. I’m proud of this theater piece and hope it has a long ‘life’. 

As if that weren’t enough, I have had the joy of producing albums with two spectacular musicians (they are the ‘real deal’ . . . ).
ate Reid’s “The Heart Already Knows” is out now on major music platforms. This album is certainly star-studded, with offerings from duo partners Fred Hersch, Taylor Eigsti, Paul Meyers, Romero Lubambo and Larry Koonse. Kate Reid is a rich vocalist and has created a compelling 47 minutes of music ! 

I was very recently in Texas producing and playing on Rosana Eckert’s new studio album and it has been glorious fun getting it all together. In addition to producing, Rosana and I co-wrote a few songs together, which I think are really cool. It’s getting mixed as I write this, so look for this album in the Spring of 2019. Rosana is not a very nice person but she’s a talented musician . . . . . 

FINALLY, New York Voices (remember them – ?) is fresh off a recording session for a NEW studio album of jazz, Brazilian, and pop songs to be released in 2019. It will be our first all-new album in years, so we’re excited to get it out there.

And, check out  – “Disappearing Day” – available on all your favorite music listening/buying platforms. 
Check out the video of ‘Wish You With Me’ (a duet with the divine Becca Stevens) on YouTube. . . 

That’s all for the moment . . . thanks for checking in folks. 

– PE