SOMEWHERE CD release July

What an exciting summer! The new CD that Kenny Werner and I have been working on is out! I want to thank everyone who helped to make this possible:

Peter Eldridge  Kenny Werner  ‘Somewhere’ 
String Arrangements by Kenny Werner  
(‘Difficult’ strings arranged by Eugene Friesen, piano – Peter Eldridge) 
Matt Aronoff, bass, Yoron Israel, drums 
with Eugene Friesen, conductor/cellist,  
& the fantastical string orchestra           
Special guest  George Garzone, saxophone 

Produced by
Peter Eldridge & Kenny Werner 
Executive Producer: Jean Charles Lignel for Rosebud Music
Mixed, Edited and Mastered by Paul Wickliffe 
Basic tracks Recorded at WGBH Studios, Boston    Engineer – Antonio Oliart 
Overdubs   Berklee Studios, Boston    Engineer – Anna Muehlichen 
Guilford Sound – Guilford, VT    Engineer – Matt Hall 
Bob Patton Studios, North Reading, MA    Engineer – Bob Patton 
Additional engineering and editing - Sam Stallings 

Violins: Bengisu Gokce , Louisa Byron ,Sienna Seoyeon Im ,Francesca Rijks, Tania Mesa 
2nd Violins: Ruah Yeonsong Kim, Cansu Oyzurek, Cynthia (Pei Hua) Lin, Tim Bilodeau ,Louise Bichan 
Violas: Cecelia Cook, Gerson Equiguren, Jenny Frantz 
Cellos: Cristobal Cruz Garcia, Aodan Collins, Peter Yuezhang Liu, Eugene Friesen 
Basses: Victor Gonzalez, Marcelo MacCagnan 
Harp: Tatyana Phillips 

Substantial thanks to the ‘inner circle’ - Jean, Kenny, Eugene, Matt, Yoron, the beautiful and devoted string players, George, studio angels Nicole Roberts and Mitch Haupers. Thanks also to Rob Jaczko, Anna Muelichen, Joe James, Doogie Worth Tom Devlin, Mark Schoen, Mitchell Proctor, Cynthia Larsen,
Tom Riley, Steve Parke and Margie Farmer. 

Biggest thanks of all to Jean Lignel for this glorious opportunity