March 11. 7:00 PM east coast time MY MUSEUM LISTENING PARTY

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Hey folks - what's new in my life you ask? Well I just released a 'songs from the vault' project called 'MY MUSEUM'' - a wild ride of 21 songs covering about (gulp) 30 years of songwriting and making music. It features quite an unbelievable lists of players and singers including Tim Lefebvre, Ben Wittman, Jon Herington, Darmon Meader, Tony Scherr, Andy Ezrin, Lauren Kinhan, Peter Calo, Marc Shulman, Zev Katz, Kim Nazarian, Ben Butler, Keith Ganz, James Shipp, Paul Nowinski, and Natalie Galey. Musically it covers everything from 90's art rock to swinging trio jazz to the 'groovy/vibey' to a couple of original demos of songs from 'Fool No More', to two amazing Ben Wittman originals, and of course, wistful singer-songwriting. Schizophrenia at its finest.

It's a digital release and available ONLY on my website. Youthful photo AND cover design by my personal artistic advisor Theo Bleckmann.

Register below for our FREE upcoming 'listening party' on the zooms with folks who participated in the evolution of this music (and you, hopefully) - !!! 

Join Peter and the friends who made these recordings possible on March 11th 7PM east coast time, for some music and memories.

.'My Museum', is a serious stroll down the memory lane of my original songs, Available digitally for your discerning ears....covering every style imaginable, except polkas.

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