SONGWRITING WORKSHOP    limit 8    $100. USD       
2 meetings, 2 hours each class
   noon to 2:00 east coast time

Find the joy and playfulness in songwriting, whether you’re new to the art form, or an old pro. Together we will find various sources of inspiration and ways to get the creative wheels turning. Bring any ideas you have -  completed tunes, the beginnings of something, a melodic hook, a lyric and we’ll turn it into something special and personal.  While self-accompanying is certainly helpful to the process it is not absolutely necessary. Just bring an open mind.
JULY 13th  and 20 tth registrations open  

 ART OF SONG REINVENTION    limit 8   $100. USD      
2 meetings, 2 hours each class   noon to 2:00  east coast time

Jump into taking an established jazz standard, pop or soul tune or just about anything, and personalize it by changing specific elements to fit your own musical style - this workshop deals with switching up elements of tempo, harmony, meter, instrumentation, and color to make the song your own. Perhaps so much so that it feels like you’re hearing the message or emotional context of the song for the first time. Have a tune or two you love in mind to bring to the party. Development leading to evolution from class one to class two.
AUGUST 7 and 14 registrations open

$200 for 90 minutes   
please register below



When you submit your registration please make a payment to Peter's paypal $100.00 USD

New Release  #2 
Peter Eldridge/Kenny Werner  Somewhere 
Vocal Release  #3 
 New York Voices    Reminiscing in Tempo