1. My Museum

From the recording MY MUSEUM

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10. My Museum – again, we’re talking the mid-90’s here. Ben has just always been a considerable soulmate in terms of sound, groove, and orchestration of my music. Our sensibilities always connected on such a profound level in the studio. A song about how we each have our own singular life story to tell. Also featured on this track is old friend Peter Calo, who added some of his definitive, jubilant guitar work to liven up the festivities. Darmon, Lauren and I on the vocal backgrounds. Recorded at the late Manfred Knoop’s studio outside the city in NJ, where I spent considerable amounts of time recording my own stuff, NYV music, or outside projects. The arrangement and midi programming were done at Ben’s, and the vocals, guitars and mix happened at Manfred Knoop’s. A bit of groovy 90’s silliness.