1. First Morning

From the recording MY MUSEUM

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16. First Morning – another almost fully realized demo, prior to the slightly more produced track from Fool No More a couple years later. Lyrics written by Doug Worth and myself, it’s a song of discovery, a ‘morning after’ song of the sweetest variety. It would later have full horn section, more of a background vocal presence and bigger ‘bells and whistles’, but there’s something about this first version that has a special place in my heart. Darmon Meader once again is so solid and melodic on a yearning sax solo. In the words of Ben Wittman, “Yes, another very fully realized demo! I remember it was challenging ‘besting” this demo version. The demo was midi-piano. But I remember clearly, for some reason, we had the hardest time getting a good piano sound for the album. I think we recorded your piano part in 3 different studios. The final track was recorded at a lovely studio in Midtown. Nah, we didn’t obsess very much :-) ”