From the recording MY MUSEUM

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18. Voices in My Head - this song was written in the early 90’s, at a time when New York Voices had just begun touring a considerable amount throughout the year. It’s my ode to being on the road and all it represented, the good and the bittersweet. Kim Nazarian, who I’ve known and grown up with since sophomore year of college in Ithaca, NY, was the voice I heard for this tune. Kim and I have had a special sound together since we met and sang ‘Where is the Love’ during a vocal jazz concert at school. She is a force, a goddess, a powerhouse - all those accolades fit. And Darmon plays some very melodious and soaring soprano sax lines on this one. Another one where the midi programming came first, and it was fleshed out with Peter Calo’s guitar playing, sax, and a longing duet between Kim and I.